Toyota History: The Toyoda Model AA at the Louwman Musuem

  • This Toyoda Model AA is widely regarded as the world's oldest Toyota. Most experts had given up hope of finding a surviving example of Toyota's very first passenger car; even Toyota itself had to build a replica from scratch in order to display an example of this historic machine in itsown museum.

    So when this 1936 car, built in the very first year of Model AA production, suddenly surfaced near the Russian city ofVladivostok, Toyota enthusiasts could barely believe it. The car hadbeen owned by a Siberian farmer since World War II and was thought to have been brought to Russia with the spoils of war. It had been used extensively on the land and been heavily modified.

    This videocaptures the highlights of its seven-month journey from Vladivostok to the Russian Ministry of Culture in Moscow, before being transported to the Netherlands by lorry.

    The car is now part of a private collection proudly displayed in the Louwman Museum.

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    Toyota History_ The Toyoda Model AA at the Louwman Musuem.mp4

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